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These are various modules that alter items in the game so that it works with and compliments my crafting recipes and mods. I've kept these separate and optional because they require different packs and they may conflict with other mods. You'll find more information on these files below.

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Core Crafting Modules






Only install the files that correspond to the packs you have installed. Please see my Reference page if you're unsure which files you should download. 

Fishing Module

This file makes it so that you have a chance to catch any of my custom fish while fishing. 

Woodworking Modules

These files will...

  • Remove the EA menus from the woodworking bench so only my custom menus show up when clicking on it. 

  • Will add optional ingredients like nails and wood planks for all EA woodworking craft recipes.

  • If you have the Off-the-Grid, Reduce & Recycle, or the Grody lot challenges active then you will create a pile of sawdust after crafting anything on the woodworking table. Sawdust can be composted or used as an ingredient for crafting wood glue.

Pumpkin Carving Module

This adds an additional 'Carve by Color' menu to the pumpkin carving table so you can chose the color of the pumpkin before you chose the style. It also adds pumpkins as an ingredient requirement. I tried to make it an optional ingredient but for whatever reason the price to craft it stays exactly the same so I decided to make it required since that made the most sense.