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A custom food cake that was inspired by the cake that's eaten as a tradition in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. There's a small plastic baby hidden in each cake, which if you find is said to be good luck. Finding the baby also means that it's your job to bring the cake for the next party!

I tried my best to do this cake justice with my presentation as well as with the custom buffs Sims can get from eating it. So Sims will have a very small chance of finding a baby in the King Cake (I may increase this chance if requested). If your Sim finds a baby they will get a short happy buff, along with an inspired buff that reminds them it's their turn to make a King Cake. If they complete the task, they get a happy buff and will be able to level up their skills twice as fast for 24 hours. If they don't make a cake, then they get a tense buff and their skill gain will be halved for 24 hours.

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King Cake

Recipe Categories:

Dessert, Cake




You can craft this recipe using one of the appliances below!

(Purchase from the Kitchen Appliances section of the catalog.)


'Ingredients listed as 'Any' refer to EA or my ingredient types only.

EA 'Any' ingredients are denoted by a (*)​





Works with Simple Living

Listed ingredients are required when using Simple Living. 

Ingredients in parenthesis will replace the listed ingredient if Simple Living is active.

If you don't have an ingredient installed then it will be excluded from the recipe.

Required Mods:


These mods are required for this content to function properly in-game. Please read through all the information on the download pages so you understand what's included with that mod and how it works.

Core Food and Drink


Optional Mods:


These mods are optional and provide a better experience when using this content. Please read through all the information on the download pages so you understand what's included with that mod and how it works.

Read the info above so you understand what this content does.
Make sure you have the most recent version of any Required Mods installed.


Install by placing these files in your Sims 4 Mods folder.

Do NOT put ts4script files more than one folder deep.


Alternate Download:


Click the button below to download this file from Curseforge.

No login or app installation required.


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An extra special Thanks to the Patrons who contributed to this content!

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